Easy Peach and White Bean Quesadillas

Recipe for quick & easy peach and white bean quesadillas. With a basil-packed white bean spread, fresh peaches, arugula and balsamic glaze!

It’s baaaack. The white bean basil spread that is! Please tell me you remember these fresh corn and tomato open-faced sandwiches? Yes, yes? Well today we are using the same white bean spread from those little guys but combining it with peaches instead! For some quick and easy peach and white bean quesadillas that will…

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Recipe for creamy coconut mojito ice pops! Made with coconut milk, lime, maple syrup and vanilla bean! Vegan and dairy free!

Creamy Coconut Mojito Ice Pops

Nothing says Friday like some boozy ice pops, yes? Especially some snowy white ice pops that look like they are hanging out in the middle of a jungle. Which is all that I see now when I look at these photos. Seriously, the mint vines are a wee bit out of control. Just like my…

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Recipe for light and summery brown butter tomato and corn angel hair pasta. With fresh corn, tomatoes, parmesan and lemon zest!

Brown Butter Tomato and Corn Angel Hair Pasta

Angel hair pasta = the best. Whenever I eat it, I always wonder why on earth I waste my time with regular spaghetti. Okay fine, I love any and all carbs but angel hair is just so thin and awesome and fun! Especially when we combine it with fresh summer produce and the wonder that…

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Recipe for light yet filling summer squash and corn quinoa. Filled with zucchini, squash, corn and even goat cheese! A great main or side!

Summer Squash and Corn Quinoa

Summer-y quinoa!! With zucchini and squash and corn! So bright, so colorful! And yet I am currently wearing a long sleeved shirt and sipping a cup of hot tea. Yes, it’s still ridiculously humid here in North Carolina. And yes, I am refusing to go outside and pretending like it’s fall. Peace out summer. I’m…

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Recipe for homemade honey peanut butter ice cream. Creamy, decadent and infused with plenty of peanut butter and honey flavor!

Honey Peanut Butter Ice Cream + A Giveaway

I had visions and dreams about showing up today with a cashew milk ice cream that was every bit as delicious and creamy as the ones you can buy at the store. And we were all going to love it and dance and be merry! This is not that recipe. After several failed versions, I…

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Recipe for double chocolate whole wheat zucchini bread. Light yet fudgy! Full of dark chocolate and shredded zucchini!

Double Chocolate Whole Wheat Zucchini Bread

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. Last summer I discovered the wonder that is chocolate + zucchini. With these coconut oil dark chocolate zucchini cookies to be exact. And we all know that once I get stuck on something, there is no turning back. Clearly the only option was to bake up something…

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Recipe for quick and easy caprese avocado BLT. With mashed avocado, basil, juicy tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and crispy bacon! Finished with balsamic glaze!

Caprese Avocado BLT

I have mentioned it before but I am not one to go crazy over bacon. Yes, there are times where I really think it adds something, but in most cases, gimme a big fat gooey chocolate chip cookie over it any day. Priorities. But, there is one exception to this rule / belief / whatever…

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Recipe for healthy chocolate fruit dip! Creamy and perfect for dipping! Made with coconut milk, maple syrup, cocoa powder and avocado!

Healthier Chocolate Fruit Dip

If you need me, you can probably find me standing in front of my fridge grabbing a spoonful of this healthy chocolate fruit dip. Or scooping up an obscene amount with a fresh strawberry. Or layering it in a little bowl with some fruit and chocolate chips. A little sweet bite after lunch? Sureeee. How…

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Recipe for sweet & spicy chipotle sweet potato burrito bowls with a fresh peach salsa! With cilantro lime rice and black beans!

Chipotle Sweet Potato Burrito Bowls with Peach Salsa

It’s been exactly five weeks since I’ve shared a mexican recipe. Which is something that I find completely unacceptable! So we are remedying this situation immediately with these smoke-y, sweet and spicy chipotle sweet potato burrito bowls with peach salsa. Otherwise known as a completely acceptable way to consume a whole lotta chips and salsa…

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Recipe for dairy free creamy watermelon coconut milkshakes. With frozen watermelon, coconut milk, maple syrup and vanilla! Vegan! A fun summer treat!

Creamy Watermelon Coconut Milkshake

It’s Friday and we are celebrating! With these creamy watermelon coconut milkshakes! Or slushies. Or smoothies. I really had no idea what to call them. Like, the husband helped me debate about this decision for far longer than I should admit. We take food seriously around these parts. I ended up going with “milkshake” since…

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Recipe for potato, green bean and goat cheese breakfast skillet. Made all in one dish and on the table in 35 minutes or less!

Potato, Green Bean and Goat Cheese Breakfast Skillet

Breakfast for dinner. Yay? Nay? I find it totally acceptable. The husband, not so much. It’s a subject of great foodie debate in our household. I try to make my case with dishes like this potato, green bean and goat cheese breakfast skillet, so that I can slowly convince my husband to come over to…

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Recipe for quick and easy fresh corn and tomato open-faced sandwich. With a basil-packed white bean spread, a corn and tomato topping and balsamic glaze!

Fresh Corn and Tomato Open-Faced Sandwich

I know. More corn + tomatoes. I can’t help myself. I’m sorry? But I guess now that it is August (<— what?????), at least you don’t have too many more weeks of me chatting about it if you’re not into corn! Although, if that’s the case, then maybe we can’t be friends. Because this fresh…

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Recipe for blueberry mint sparkling lemonade. A fun summer treat! Refined sugar free and made with fresh blueberries!

Blueberry Mint Sparkling Lemonade

The real title of this recipe should be “operation use up some of the outrageously growing mint plant that is overtaking my tiny little herb garden.” It is out. of. control. So I did what any normal person would do. I made blueberry mint sparkling lemonade. Three times in the last two weeks. Take that…

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