Crockpot Chicken, Wild Rice and Butternut Squash Soup

Crockpot Chicken, Wild Rice and Butternut Squash Soup |

Let’s talk comfort in a bowl. Simple, easy, let your crockpot do all the work for you, comfort in a bowl – i.e. the very best kind. I have been on a soup bender like no other. We’re talking at least one pot a week. Sometimes more. I can’t stop. And won’t stop. It’s just…

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Healthy Spiced Banana Bread Oatmeal Bars |

Healthy Spiced Banana Bread Oatmeal Bars

Let’s discuss the fact that I hate bananas. And yet here I am shoving a banana recipe in your face. I actually gagged when I was mashing up the bananas for these bars. There’s something about the texture that weirds me out. Yet, I know they are good for me, so I keep trying to…

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Fall Lentil Salad with Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese |

Fall Lentil Salad with Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese

Let’s talk about the time I threw a bunch of things into a bowl and called it a fall lentil salad. And then decided I liked it so much that I needed to make it happen again so that I could take some pretty pics and share it here with you. This whole escapade didn’t…

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25 Game Day Eats |

25 Game Day Eats You Need in Your Life

Let’s talk football food. Because as much as I do like actually watching the game, the food is the superstar. The VIP. The big kahuna. The shining light of goodness. I’m more than happy to listen to my husband yell at the TV as long as I have a giant smorgasbord of delicious food to…

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Mexican Pot Pie with Sweet Potato Biscuits |

Mexican Pot Pie with Sweet Potato Biscuits

So if you are anything like me, you want to grab a cozy blanket and then curl right up inside that delicious looking bowl of goodness. Fall comfort food goodness to be exact. With a mexican flare! Because I couldn’t help myself. This was yet another one of my attempts to find different ways to…

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Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Breakfast Bowl |

Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

The air is a changin’. Well, at least a wee bit. I will most certainly take the slightly cooler days where I don’t instantly start sweating as soon as I walk outside. And! Even a few times on our nightly walks with the little beagle, I was actually quite comfortable! Guys – this is huge.…

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Honey Cinnamon Iced Latte |

Honey Cinnamon Iced Latte

So do you want to hear a completely crazy story? Well, maybe I only think it’s crazy but I’m going to share anyway. Because I really like telling you stories. And this is one of those holy cow it’s a small world type tales. So. Remember how yesterday (<— lots of pretty mountain photos in…

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Asheville Love |

Asheville Love (Via Lots of Pictures)

Indulge me today please. Because today is the day I’m going to show you way too many pictures from my trip back in August and profess to you my total love for Asheville and the mountains and that whole surrounding area. Because I know you absolutely want to see the bazillion photos that I took…

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Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta Skillet |

Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta Skillet

Brace yourself. For squashy, orange goodness over the course of the next two months. Or more, we’ll see. Depends on how big of a recipe bender I go on. I know some people are all about the pumpkin right now but for me? Butternut squash is where. it’s. at. It has still been wavering back…

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Make-Ahead Veggie Breakfast Quesadillas

Make-Ahead Veggie Breakfast Quesadillas and A Giveaway

Say hello to my current breakfast obsession. And trust me, it’s a good one. I have three very important reasons as to why: 1. It’s mexican food, for breakfast. 2. There’s cheese involved. 3. You can make a big batch ahead of time…. 4. And then no effort is required in the morning. Okay, well…

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