Crockpot Summer Vegetable Lasagna

Crockpot Summer Vegetable Lasagna

Hi! How are ya? Happy Monday! So remember the fifteen bazillion times I told you about how much I hate the heat? All that complaining came back to bite me in the butt this weekend. Our air conditioning decided to stop working. You know, just because. And it decided to break a few hours before we had a party at our house.

Ummm not cool. Not cool at all. Especially when the repair company says they can’t do anything about it until Monday. Hmpf. Clearly they don’t understand my hatred of the heat.

So this time I really melted. Tends to happen when you have lots of bodies in the house, especially after you had the oven on getting the food ready. Thank goodness it was rainy and overcast. If the sun had come out we would have been toast. For real.

What I should have done was turned off the oven, switched gears and made something like this crockpot lasagna. Butttt it’s okay. We all survived just fine.

Crockpot Summer Vegetable Lasagna

So can we talk about this recipe for a sec? And how it’s really awesome because you don’t need to turn on the oven? Which I’m avoiding like the plague until the repair guys get out to our house hopefully sometime today. Fingers crossed.

Plus, this lasagna is packed full of all my favorite summer vegetables … like zucchini, eggplant, fresh tomatoes and even corn. Which gives the dish a slight twist, but oh my word is it good. And is just fueling my current major major obsession with fresh corn. Seriously, I bought close to 10 ears last week. I kid not.

Please tell me I’m not alone in my crazy corn buying??

Crockpot Summer Vegetable Lasagna

But anyway, to get your hands on this goodness, make the jump over to Oh My Veggies for the recipe —> Crockpot Summer Vegetable Lasagna!

Now please excuse me while I go camp out with a boatload of popsicles and continue to complain until the AC repairman comes to the rescue.


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  1. says

    I can’t wait to try this! I have never made lasagna in my crock pot but it’s brilliant! What a great way to enjoy one of winter’s best meals.

  2. says

    Oh my gosh, I hope your AC is fixed!! That sounds so awful and I think I might have to get a hotel room if that happened here. Although I do live in the desert, I’m such a wimp when it come to the heat. I’ve been so obsessed with corn lately too! It is pretty much the best thing to eat in the summer! I need to go buy a slow cooker asap because this lasagna looks amazing!

  3. Angel says

    I think I wrote on the wrong site as I went to the veggie link you provided. Rebekah makes this a lot and it is soooo good!! She make it for us when we watched Roan and Asher when they went away for their anniversary weekend and it was a life saver for us.

  4. says

    Oh no! I hope they fix your AC ASAP – as someone who also hates the heat I really feel for you there. I become such a grump in the heat. This lasagna is brilliant though, Ashley! I’ve been breaking out the crock pot all summer long to keep the heat in my apartment down, and I didn’t even know I could make lasagna in it! Pinning!

  5. says

    You are not alone in your corn buying! I’m just as obsessed and I love it in lasagna. I’ve been meaning to try a crockpot version forever now and this one looks perfect!

    I’m sorry to hear about your AC. :( And right before a party- typical. Hopefully it’s back up and running by now!

  6. says

    Oooh nooo … sorry about the a/c! I totally commiserate because that happened to me in Greece once when I was waiting or a/c to be fitted into a new apartment. The temperature hit about 45 degrees (113F I think) and I honestly thought I was going to suffocate! Don’t worry, though, I’m sure you won’t have scared your friends away too much because I’m sure you served them some gorgeous dishes!
    The crock pot lasagne looks amazing … I would never know that it hadn’t been cooked in an oven!

  7. says

    This lasagna looks even more delicious then it is nutritious. Does that even make sense? And yet, so much better for you crammed with all those veggies than the “regular” kind. And when you add sweet corn to anything, it gives it that pizzazz anyhow, right? I am so ready to start experimenting with veggie lasagnas right now!

  8. says

    Yikes, hope your A/C gets fixed soon, that’s no fun especially when you’re hosting guests. This lasagna on the other hand would make me smile. Love all the summer veggies and cooked in a crockpot makes it perfect to beat the heat. It looks amazing! Hooray to summer fresh corn – I think my husband and lil guy alone polish off 10 ears of corn every few days haha.

  9. says

    Oh no, not the a/c! That happened at my house recently too, haha. It’s the worst. I’ve always wanted to make lasagna in the crock pot, though! This is awesome. Going to check out the recipe! :)

  10. says

    I’ve been without A/C since moving out and it’s just unbearable sometimes! I can’t imagine what it would have been like with a bunch of people in the house. I love all the veggies you added to this, I’ve never had eggplant in a lasagna before!

    • Ashley says

      It wasn’t so bad when it was just me and the husband … but once everyone else was in the house, yikes!! haha

  11. says

    Hopefully your air conditioner will get fixed soon, Ashley! And you are definitely not crazy for buying too much corn, tis the season to do so! This lasagna looks amazing! I’m all about slow cooker meals, especially in the summer. And this is a great way to use up some fresh veggies!

  12. says

    You’re not alone on your crazy fresh corn binge…I’m binge-ing with you! This is such an awesome idea, and I’m heading over to check out the recipe! Stay cool, Ashley. :)

  13. says

    Soooo…you might wanna throw something at me for what I am about to say – but I adore the heat – and I am a little sad we didn’t hit 100 degrees this year!
    P.S. if you throw something at me – can it be a container of this lasagna? :)

    • Ashley says

      Bahaha man, I wish I could like the heat! I wouldn’t be avoiding the oven that way! But yes, if I do ever throw something it would absolutely be this lasagna! :)

    • Ashley says

      The timing was just terrible! haha It couldn’t of happened when it was just me and the husband instead?!

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