The Little Things – February 2014

The Little Things February 2014 |

So it’s officially time for the second installment of the little things – and I’m pumped.  I really needed to step back and remind myself of all the good this month.  Because it’s sure been a doozy!  Side note – does anyone else use the word doozy or is it just me?

{In case you are new and curious you can refer to my first little things post to see why I started the series – it involves a story about me yelling at cars.  It’s good stuff, I tell you}

Now let’s talk February happiness.

The Little Things February 2014 |

More snow!  And ice!  I mean, what now North Carolina??  I never thought we would really see much snow down here … maybe we brought it with us when we moved south?  Despite the fact that it caused some traffic problems, it sure was pretty.  Case in point being the picture above.

The Little Things February 2014 |

Kind and super sweet neighbors.  I mentioned before that my husband had surgery the morning of all the snow, so there was clearly no way that he was going to help shovel the driveway.  I had two separate neighbors (on two different occasions that day) immediately come help me as soon as they saw I was out there alone.  And their kindness was so incredibly appreciated.

The Little Things February 2014 |

These coconut cashews.  Somebody come take them away from me.  Can’t stop, won’t stop.

The Little Things February 2014 |

Moooo!  Check out these guys!  They were hanging out at a farm close to a restaurant we recently tried.  I personally think it’s super cool that we live in an area where there is a small downtown yet I can find this only minutes away as well.

The Little Things February 2014 |

Twinkle lights in an old barn.  They’re pretty and sparkly and just make me happy.

The Little Things February 2014 |

Taking photos for the blog.  I would have never imagined when I started this site that I would actually enjoy taking pictures of food (take a look at some of my old photos … I used to want to chuck my camera right through the window).  But now I really really enjoy it.

The Little Things February 2014 |

Let’s get sappy for a minute.  When we first moved here, I knew no one.  Not a soul other than my husband.  And let’s get real – making friends at 29 is not the same as making friends when you’re in college.  So I joined a book club – that whole I should probably put myself out there thing since I am not gonna find me a new friend sitting at home on the couch with my dog and a blanket.

And I have honestly made some good friends.  Awwww I know, so sappy.  So yay for book club!

The Little Things February 2014 |

And lastly, this one just makes me laugh.  My husband thought it would be hysterical to hold Emma up in one of my dresses (i.e. stick her head through the dress so it looked like a dog wearing my dress).  We apparently have a weird sense of humor.  And are clearly a little obsessed with the dog.

So what little things made you happy this month?  Let’s share!


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  1. says

    I really enjoy your “little things” posts! I for one am so done with all this snow and ice! Come on spring, haha! And that barn with the lights looks so cool! And hey, I just discovered those awesome vinyl backdrops… just bought a bunch of them and they are so much easier to set up and clean then dealing with wood!

    • Ashley says

      Thanks Chris! Same here – I’ve had them for a few weeks and am totally in love. Sooo much easier to take out, wipe down and put away … plus since they take up less room my husband isn’t quite as cranky (he’s not the biggest fan of all my food props all over the house) lol

  2. says

    Nice neighbors can make all the difference! My baby learning to walk and being so proud of himself that he cant stop screaming and clapping, that is a moment to remember lol!

  3. says

    Hope your husband is recovering from his surgery – that was really sweet of your neighbors to help you shovel the snow – it’s so nice to hear that there are still kind people willing to help :) We moved to a smaller town last year and I can totally relate – the book club sounds like a great idea to meet new people and so glad that you met some great friends there! Love Emma in you dress – she is the cutest!

  4. says

    Awwh that was so sweet of your neighbours! I hope your husband is feeling better now by the way!
    Those cashews sound additictive – I can take them away from you if you wish ;–) Though I cannot ensure you’ll ever see them again huh.
    Happy Sunday! xxx

  5. says

    Just lost my lovely message I typed here …. grrr! Anyway, here goes again … my ideal place would also be to live near where the life and action is but also to have easy access to the countryside and everything that goes with it … mooo! 😉 Love your doggy pictures, too. I hope Emma had somewhere nice to go after getting all dressed up like that!

  6. says

    I can definitely relate to how hard it is to make new friends at this age. After moving from Florida to Texas to California, it’s been a big challenge for me. I love the idea of joining a book club though! How did you find out about it? I really like Emily Giffin’s books too. She’s a great writer.

    That picture of Emma is too funny!

    • Ashley says! I was super hesitant about it (I’ve heard some weird (not bad just weird) stories from other friends about meetup) but it worked out really well for me! I found some great girls within the group that I hang out with outside of book club : )

  7. says

    I love everything about this post! Those coconut cashews, please make a copycat recipe for the Canadians! I wish we had Trader Joe’s here. Your neighbours are so nice and it’s always humbling when people go out of their way to help you out. Hope your hubby is recovering well! Something Borrowed is only one of my FAV books and those dog pics are just adorable!!

  8. says

    Haha, I love the pic of your pup behind the dress!
    It’s so nice to hear that there are good people out there (your neighbors who helped you shovel).
    The other day my husband surprised me with Birthday Cake flavored Oreos for my birthday. I never knew a $3 bag of cookies could make me so happy…of course it wasn’t really the cookies that made me happy but my hubby’s thoughts of me to buy them. (See, I’m joining in on the sappy party 😉 )

  9. says

    Again, loving this! Looks like you had a great February. Your neighbours are so kind, and your dog is so cute! I totally understand the joy of taking photos for your blog…now that I’ve researched so much on it, literally nothing else makes me happier than the styling and knowing the work I put into it to produce a beautiful picture for people to enjoy! Have a great weekend Ashley :).

  10. says

    I can’t believe there is that much snow in NC! Also I totally use the word doozy and love it! I totally need to join a book club – being an adult is sooo different than college for sure Also I love your photography – its beautiful Ashley!

  11. says

    Love Emma in that dress…that photo is a doozy (yes, I say it too). Ha. Hurray for book club too — it’s great to get my mind off of food and get other perspectives on a good book.

  12. says

    Loving this series Ashley!
    Such sweet neighbors! And Emma through your dress – too funny! Nope – friends through book club is not sappy at all. Love your food photo props – I am curious – what is that under the food-is it a board?
    In the mornings I take my daughter to school, its a 12 minute ride and we always end up laughing our heads off at the stupidest things – this I am so so grateful for.

  13. says

    I saw those coconut cashews at Trader Joe’s and purposely didn’t buy them because I knew I would eat the entire bag in one sitting if I did. Ugh, they sound amazing! Maybe I will have to try REALLY hard to ration them. Love all your pics of Emma!

  14. joan trueblood says

    Your photography skills are amazing! Love your blog.I am intrigued by that piece of stressed wood paneling that shows in your food styling photo. Where did you get it?

  15. says

    You are completely right about making friends as an adult. It is infinitely harder than being young and making new friends. We just moved in August and I’m still adjusting and finding things to do and people to meet. But a book club is a great idea! I just need to find one that is reading books I enjoy!

  16. says

    Love the doggy, love the ice, the snow, the lights. In my month…opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games…and yes, Poland wining gold medals! I cried every time…:) ela

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