33 Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

With Thanksgiving less than a week away (eek!), I wanted to do a quick round-up of some of my favorite recipes for this awesome foodie holiday.

I know you likely have already planned your meal or contributions for the big day, but just in case you haven’t, I’m here to give you some inspiration.  Or maybe you aren’t totally happy with your meal plans and I can tempt you to consider some other dishes?  Or maybe just some inspiration for next year?  No?  Too far away?

Let’s dive right in.

Breakfast.  Because having delicious options for the first meal of the day is always a good idea.

Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas | Cookie Monster Cooking

cranberry orange white chocolate scones
orange ricotta poppy seed muffins
maple oatmeal scones
cranberry walnut bread
overnight baked apple cinnamon french toast
almond pound cake
apple cinnamon chip muffins
crumb cake
pumpkin spice latte granola


Appetizers & Drinks.  Fun beverages and quick and easy snacks to make your guests happy before the big meal.

Thanksgiving Appetizer and Drink Ideas | Cookie Monster Cooking

pomegranate cranberry sangria
homemade pumpkin spice coffee syrup
apple pie spiced pecans
baked goat cheese with cranberries and pistachios
spiced rosemary and thyme nuts
caramel apple popcorn


Side Dishes.  Enough said.

Thanksgiving Side Dish Ideas | Cookie Monster Cooking

green beans with almonds and shallots
cranberry orange sauce
cauliflower gratin
fresh herb dinner rolls
creamy mashed cauliflower
company corn
roasted sweet potato salad
honey corn bread muffins
thanksgiving stuffing


Dessert.  Make sure you save room.  Yoga or stretchy pants optional but suggested.

Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas | Cookie Monster Cooking

brown butter pumpkin cupcakes
brown sugar pecan shortbread
skillet apple crisp
soft pumpkin cookies with maple frosting
salted pecan pie cookie bars
macadamia caramel tart
no bake apple pie cheesecakes
maple pecan biscotti
apple pie bars


Next week, we’ll talk Thanksgiving leftovers.  We take turkey day leftovers very seriously around these parts.  And I have some fun ideas for different ways to put them to use.  Until then, have a happy weekend!


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  1. Jo @ The Contented Baker says:

    Gosh Ashley! How do you do it?? So many great ideas. I only wish I could note down half as much as you achieve! A belated Happy Thanksgiving by the way :-)

  2. teehee I’m ALL about the side dishes. :D They are just so addicting lol. What a lovely roundup, Ashley!

  3. Great links here! I’m craving those spiced rosemary and thyme nuts, I think I’d like to snack on them year round!

  4. Thanks for a great wrap up. Very inspiring! :)

  5. This is great, thanks for consolidating everything in one place! I’ll be cooking a dessert and a side dish for Thanksgiving and I’m still trying to figure out what to do for that. There are so many great options out there, it’ll be hard to decide.

  6. What’s not to love? I’m actually cooking a Thanksgiving brunch for my mother-in-law so the breakfast ideas were much appreciated. Great round-up!

  7. These look like some delicious recipes!! So excited for Thanksgiving!! Thanks for sharing girl :)

  8. I want to eat everything on that list! Specially the almond pound cake, I loved that one when you posted about it, yum! Have a nice weekend :D

  9. Umm….is it wrong that I kind of want to eat all of these, at once? So much good inspiration here!

  10. What a mouthwatering roundup, Ashley! Well done!

  11. Wow.. What a great collection.. Awesome!! :D

  12. I love the compiles! It gives me so many choices during the holidays! This is great – thanks!

  13. Love the roundup! Thanksgiving at your house sounds pretty darn awesome with all this food! Pinned :)

  14. I’m getting full just looking at all of these, haha! I want all the things. :)

  15. Ashley, what a great collection of recipes – my favorite is a macadamia caramel tart: it’s so pretty and I am sure so crispy from all the caramel and nuts! YUM!

  16. Talk about one-stop shopping, Ashley! I think you have everything covered, and it all looks wonderful and delicious.

  17. Great roundup, it’s always nice to have so many great recipes on hand for big holiday celebrations. Happy Thanksgiving :)

  18. I finally have my game plan for the big day, but your dishes are always tempting! I definitely think they’re worthy to make any day special, not just Thanksgiving. Lovely round-up, Ashley, and have a great weekend!

  19. This round-up looks awesome! So I just read your “about me” and I am addicted to pottery barn and anthropology. I get pottery barn magazines and keep them all–my husband always makes fun of me.

    • Oh man, I love those stores … although I have to stop myself from visiting often because that can lead to bad things : ) And I totally agree – I LOVE the pottery barn magazines … although I usually want to buy just about everything in them! Which clearly is never going to happen… lol

  20. Woa – what an awesome recipe lineup – ALL of these are so drool inducing! I cannot get my mind off that almond pound cake or those apple pie bars!

  21. What a fantastic round-up. Definitely pinning this and I can’t wait to go through all these recipes! Have a great weekend!!!

  22. Great round-up, Ashley! You have so many fabulous Thanksgiving recipes. I’m making your pecan pie cookie bars for Thanksgiving and still need to add one more side dish.

  23. What a great round up Ashley! They all sound incredible and would make any Thanksgiving complete :) Thanks for sharing and hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

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