Life Lately – September 2013

Life Lately - September 2013 | Cookie Monster Cooking

We celebrated my birthday at the end of last month.  Ushering in my last year in my twenties.  I had a minor freak-out.  But all was okay since my husband got me a cornhole game set and took me out to dinner.  And I made some vanilla bean cupcakes.  Which I consumed while complaining about the fact that I’m getting older.  No really though, I had a great birthday : )

Life Lately - September 2013 | Cookie Monster Cooking

We had a blast at a friend’s wedding in Bethlehem, PA.  We had an entire day to wander around town, stop at some little restaurants and of course celebrate with the bride and groom.  I even got to catch up with a friend from college that I haven’t seen in years.  Good times all around.

Life Lately - September 2013 | Cookie Monster Cooking

I took way too many photos of Emma.  Enough said.

Life Lately - September 2013 | Cookie Monster Cooking

The halloween/thanksgiving decorations came out.  I was too excited to wait any longer.  I’ve been trying to convince my husband that we need even more decorations now that we have a bigger space.  I don’t think he’s looking forward to fishing out any additional pumpkins from the attic next year.

Life Lately - September 2013 | Cookie Monster Cooking

And lastly – this is what happens when you put two beagles in the same room.  A begging bonanza.


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  1. I know I’m so late on this but happy belated birthday! Aaw, I freaked out too when I was nearing the end of my twenties but I am happy to say that I am truly enjoying my thirties now:)
    Aaw and Emma is soo adorable!!! Hehe and I love your decorations! My hubby is the same way with Halloween decorations too and goes all out every year. He’s even worse with Christmas decorations and has already asked me if he can bring the tree out. Of course I told him to wait until at least after Halloween :-/

    • Thank you Kelly!! haha I love it. As soon as Thanksgiving is over I am running to get our Christmas tree out from the attic!

  2. Aw happy belated birthday! Congrats on making it out of your 20s–though isn’t 30 the new 21? Here’s wishing you a fabulous year ahead. That’s great you’re already pulling out the fall decorations, I am usually decorating the week before any given holiday if at all. And there can never be enough pictures of Emma–so cute! :)

  3. Happy (belated) birthday! 29 is the new 19, right? ;) Actually, I wouldn’t want that, haha.

    Looks like life’s been pretty good lately. I love when you have time to just stroll around a city and take it in.

    Emma is so photogenic, I can see why you take so many pictures. She’s adorable.

  4. Lovely post Ashley! I’m loving your cute dog and autumn decorations :-) Belated Happy Returns! Trust me, you are at a great age…enjoy (you make me feel ancient)!

  5. There is a begging bonanza everyday at my house

  6. Happy belated birthday Ashley! When I turned 30, I also had a freak-out but mine wasn’t so minor. So I’m going to say to you what everyone said to me when I had my freak-out: You’ll love your thirties. It’s the new twenties. ;) Have a great week!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! If it makes you feel any better, I just entered my thirties last week. Don’t worry, its not so bad, lol.

  8. Emma is so cute! Love photos of her! Two begging beagles are beyond adorable!

  9. Yes! It’s time for fall! I need to pull mine out. And I loved seeing those sweet pups in the last frame. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Happy belated birthday! And yes, vanilla ice cream must be served with an apple crisp :) Yours looks perfect. Can’t wait to try!

  11. Love your fall decorations! I need to come decorate my house! :)

  12. Yay, I’m glad to know you enjoyed your birthday! Those cupcakes must have been amazing, right? ;-)
    Also, your dogs are so cute! Mine tend to do the same when there’s food around… and I have 12 dogs, so it is a really big begging bonanza haha.
    Have a wonderful weekend! x

  13. Emma is such a cutie pie! I want a dog so much and seeing her sweet face only increases my desire to run to the pet shop immediately.

  14. Loving this post, happy belated happy day!
    The dogs in the kitchen, pretty much the same, but with 4 cats, leading the charge is the 19 year old who thinks she deserves first dibs if anything falls (which she does deserve!)

    Love your decorations, my favorite time of the year! <3

  15. Happy belated, Ashley! Enjoy the last year of your 20s. 30s are terrific, too, BTW!

  16. Happy belated birthday! Your age is just a number…lol, I hated turning 29, so I’m not really one to talk though. ;)
    Emma is seriously adorable. :)
    Fall is my favorite time of year and I’ve been decorating too. Pinecones are my favorite.
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  17. Cute, I especially love the pictures of the town you visited. Happy belated!

  18. So glad to hear that all is well! 30 is seriously not so bad. After my initial freak out, I’ve accepted and now all is good! Fall decorations are my favorite decorations to put out! In fact, we’re pulling them out of the basement today. Yay!

  19. Happy belated Birthday, Ashley.
    Your halloween/thanksgiving decorations look so festive and beautiful! I love esp. that spider net candle stand.

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