A Rustic Onesie Themed Baby Shower (that’s twice as nice)

At the end of July I was honored to host a baby shower for my sweet cousin, who is expecting twin boys!  Yes, that’s right, twin boys!  We have a number of twins in my family, but it was still such a surprise when she told us her big news.  I’m so excited for her and her husband and cannot wait to meet the little ones when they arrive in a few short months.

When I first started to plan her shower, I knew I wanted to do something that was inspired by what she loves and her interests.  I found myself quickly gravitating towards greens and browns, and decided to run with a rustic/organic decor.  Right up her alley.   I was pretty happy with what I came up with and I think my cousin was as well!

I used quite a bit of burlap and twine for the decorations, to give it that rustic feel.  The invitations that we picked out featured onesies along a clothesline, so I carried that as well throughout the space.

A Rustic Onesie Themed Baby Shower

For favors, we found onesie birdseed ornaments.  If you know my cousin and her husband, then I can’t begin to tell you how perfect these were.

A Rustic Onesie Themed Baby Shower

Instead of any shower games, we had a station to create personalized onesies.  These turned out great and were much easier to do than I thought.

A Rustic Onesie Themed Baby Shower

A Rustic Onesie Themed Baby Shower

Instead of playing music in the background, I had Father of the Bride II playing quietly on the TV.  I personally love this movie and it was nice to have it on while the mom-to-be was opening all her presents.

Now, the food.  The shower was during lunch but I still wanted to have something substantial for everyone to eat.  I also tried to pick items that I could prepare ahead of time, to decrease any stress the day of the event.

A Rustic Onesie Themed Baby Shower

Our menu for the day was as follows:

Sparkling lemonade and limeade

Main Food
Pulled BBQ chicken and slider rolls
Salad with almonds and mandarin oranges
Sun-dried tomato pasta salad
Veggie tray with herbed dip
Hummus and pita chips

Vanilla bean cupcakes
Peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies
Onesie sugar cookies decorated with royal icing
Gluten-free white chocolate snack mix
Fruit tray with strawberry dip

A Rustic Onesie Themed Baby Shower

A Rustic Onesie Themed Baby Shower

A Rustic Onesie Themed Baby Shower

A Rustic Onesie Themed Baby Shower

I plan on sharing a number of these recipes with you over the next two weeks.  There are a few that I will not be sharing just yet.  While I was happy with all the food, there were some items that need a little adjusting before posting them here.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist : )

Here’s me and my sister right before everyone arrived.  She came in a day early to help me set everything up.  Although she did spend most of the time sleeping on the couch with my dog.  Typical JR, very typical.  At least the dog was distracted.   You know I love you anyway.

A Rustic Onesie Themed Baby Shower

On a final note, thank you to my cousin and aunt for letting me be such a big part of this special time.  I had an absolute blast planning your shower and love you both.


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  1. Sharon says

    Do you recall where you got the solid colored onesies? I can only find plain white ones but those colored ones are so much cuter!

  2. Deborah says

    Hi! Can you tell me what you used for decorating the onesies? Planning on doing the same for my sister. Thanks!

    • ashley@cookiemonstercooking says

      Hi Deborah! We used iron-on squares of fabric to decorate the onesies. I found the ones pictured on Etsy, but also had to buy some extra at my local craft store. I used card-stock to make patterns so guests could just cut out shapes and then left some extra card-stock on the table for those who wanted to be creative and make their own design. Hope that helps!

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